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Knowledge is the key to empowering smart financial decisions. Fifth Third Bank LegacyLink reflects our commitment to giving you the resources to make the most of your finances.

Fifth Third Bank: A Legacy of Financial Leadership

For more than 100 years, Fifth Third Bank has served our communities with the finest financial services available. From personal and business banking to estate and wealth management, we help people effectively manage their finances, while providing peace of mind that their assets are secure in our care.

At Fifth Third Bank, we appreciate the unique needs of each individual customer. Our clients are more than just account balances; they’re our neighbors, colleagues and friends. In fact, it was through listening closely to our customers, that we identified the need for this new way of looking at wealth transfer. Their comments were the inspiration, and their feedback guided us to the solution.

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Our Vision for Wealth Transfer

Estate settlement and wealth transfer should be simple for everyone, regardless of the size or value of the estate. By empowering people with resources to clearly understand the process and tools to organize and enact their loved ones’ final requests, the burden of managing an estate can be dramatically decreased.

An Innovative Estate Management Tool

Fifth Third Bank LegacyLink makes navigating estate planning and settlement easier for everyone. Learning Center articles offer insights on everything from advance directives to coping with grief. Interactive checklists help givers and executors stay on the right path. And our Fifth Third Bank LegacyLink Asset Manager tool helps catalog, track and distribute estate assets.

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More than Just Online

At Fifth Third Bank, we understand how challenging estate planning and settlement can be, and that you may benefit from additional guidance from real people. Our Ask an Advisor feature offers the possibility to reach out and connect with a Fifth Third advisor.

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