Asset Inventory Master List

Maintaining an inventory of your household goods and any other valuables you may have is simply a good practice. It can come in handy if natural disaster strikes or a burglary occurs. In those situations, your insurance company will require documented proof of your valuables. Additionally, it can help you determine the amount of insurance you need.

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Identify your Trusted Contacts

It is important to build a circle of trusted advisors and confidants who will support you on your estate planning or estate settlement journey.

Consider adding the following individuals to your Trusted Contacts:

  • Attorney
  • Financial planner or investment manager
  • Trust officer
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Insurance Agent

If you are missing any key people in your Trusted Contacts, we recommend asking friends, existing advisors and colleagues for recommendations. Before hiring anyone, check his or her credentials and get a reference, if possible.

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